Versa Networks, RAD Collaborate to Improve WAN Deployment, Management

March 08, 2016

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer

Versa Networks and RAD have announced that they have joined their hardware and software to simplify the manner in which service providers offer wide area network (WAN) and virtual private network services to their business clients.

Respectively, the network and security startup and the virtualization software and hardware developer will use their various existing devices to create a complete set of tools that can lead a service provider from deployment to management of a software-defined network. The RAD ETX-2i virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) will join the Versa FlexVNF software that is able to handle the creation of software-defined WANs (SD-WAN).

Hector Avalos, the vice president of strategy and business development at Versa, commented on this joint venture and the benefits it can offer service providers.

“Our strategic partnership and joint solution with RAD exemplifies how providers can deploy SD-WAN and vCPE to deliver best-in-class managed VPN and security services with integrated network and security visibility and analytics,” Avalos said. “What’s more, it’s simple to deploy and operate, which reduces total cost of ownership and increases profits.”

RAD only launched its ETX-2i last year. It contains an Ethernet network interface device that handles the boundary between a service provider’s entry point to a building and a client’s local network. It handles connections at the remote offices of a service provider and the customer headquarters through a series of virtual network functions that may deal with everything from a firewall to communications.

In the company’s launch, Ulik Broida, the vice president of marketing and business development at RAD, was also quick to note that this type of network handling can save companies money by making networks easy to set up and quick to grasp new services.

For its own part, Versa’s FlexVNF software, which provides a number of virtual network functions that allow WANs to operate, will sit in the repository of the RADview Orchestrator – the software portal that controls the ETX devices – and will spin up when needed. The entire system will use OpenStack tools to create the link between the software, and clients will have access to everything they need by accessing it in the cloud.

It appears that the result of this collaboration is now available to interested clients. It is currently on display at the NFV World Congress where RAD will demonstrate how it handles video and other client data.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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