VeloCloud Lands Top Honors as Unified Communications Product of the Year

March 17, 2016

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

Awards give a company—or an individual—a particular credibility that nothing else does. After all, that plaque, medal or trophy notes, as nothing else does, that this product, service or company is something particularly special in the field. Recently, VeloCloud's Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN took home a major award of its own, a 2016 Unified Communications (News - Alert) Product of the Year award from TMC.

VeloCloud's Cloud Delivered SD-WAN is a software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) system that gives users the ability to better support the growth of applications, as well as making the network more agile and making branch implementations easier to work with as well. That means better and more advanced services can go out, contributing to customer retention, revenue growth, and a better flexibility overall meaning that more opportunities can be captured.

As to what gave VeloCloud the nod for Unified Communications Product of the Year Award, Rich Tehrani (News - Alert), TMC CEO, noted that the judges were “...very impressed with the ingenuity and excellence displayed by VeloCloud in their groundbreaking work on SD-WAN technology.”

VeloCloud's vice president of marketing, Michael Wood, also offered comment in the wake of the company's win, saying “In receiving this TMC (News - Alert) industry award, VeloCloud continues to demonstrate its momentum of industry traction and recognition in 2016. Global service providers increasingly rely on VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN for delivery of their advanced services to enable them to deliver quality of experience, reduce costs and increase revenue.” Reports also pointed to VeloCloud's ability to provide enterprise-grade unified communications (UC) services complete with a very simple deployment system and elastic transport capability as reasons involved in the selection.

There is no shortage of competition in the SD-WAN field these days, particularly as the rapidly growing number of data centers in the market means a market with plenty of opportunities for such systems. A market with lots of opportunity brings lots of options as well, and that means it's that much harder for businesses to figure out exactly who to go with for products and services in the field. Awards can be a big help in making that decision, as it means independent bodies are essentially offering at least a kind of endorsement to the product or service in question; it couldn't have won an award if it didn't impress somebody, after all. While awards can't be the only part of a decision making process, they can certainly be part of it, and that makes an award like this all the more valuable to both producers and consumers.

VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN has clearly delivered on promises of making a quality product. The recent award win has made that clear on at least some level. That's likely to drive quite a bit of business VeloCloud's way, and give potential users peace of mind in selecting VeloCloud as the choice for SD-WAN services.  

Edited by Maurice Nagle