Want Better SD-WAN Performance?

May 23, 2016

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

With software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) becoming increasingly in vogue for companies looking to keep several operations together and running the growing slate of software-based operations, it's not surprising companies want the most from SD-WAN operations. TELoIP, meanwhile, may have just the thing to make SD-WAN performance even better with a recently patented product.

TELoIP specializes in software-defined overlay networking, and recently landed a patent described as offering “...improved performance of aggregated / bonded network connections between remote sites.” With such a tool in place, TELoIP can give its network of resellers a new ability to combine the bandwidth provided by several different Internet service providers (ISPs) in such a way that speed, performance and reliability increases accordingly.

The technique, at last report, is known as “Proximal Aggregation,” and it offers a significant performance upgrade for cloud-based services and those customers who have to run applications from long distance. In most cases, distance becomes a problem as the signal degrades and becomes less effective. With TELoIP's tools, meanwhile—specifically the TELoIP Cloud, a set of point-of-presence tools that offer connectivity at range—the connections become more reliable regardless of the distance involved.

TELoIP founder and chief technology officer Pat Saavedra commented “The advantage of our Proximal Aggregation approach was immediately clear from our very first test. Network performance is a factor of bandwidth and time, and with long-haul aggregated connections or DMVPN type overlays, time is not on your side. Proximal Aggregation technology is embedded in the TELoIP Cloud and is included as a standard feature of TELoIP's SD-Internet and SD-WAN solutions.”

All of this is noteworthy by itself—TELoIP is offering a means to address a major problem in the field, and one that seems likely to work well for its users—but considering the overall scope of the SD-WAN market, it only gets better. Word from IHS (News - Alert) suggests that the SD-WAN market nearly passed the $40 million mark in 2015 alone, and was set to clear $1.3 billion by 2020. A system that can improve SD-WAN performance, in a market that will grow to somewhere around 30 times its most recent level, is practically begging to be purchased and in large numbers. This could mean an enormous success for TELoIP, and one that might give it the necessary capital to carry on and become one of the biggest forces in SD-WAN around.

A market ready to grow coupled with a great product like TELoIP's Proximal Aggregation systems could mean big things ahead for the company. It may not work out quite as projected, but right now, the company has the elements that should make for success.

Edited by Maurice Nagle