CloudGenix Reigns with Most Powerful SD-WAN Solution

July 21, 2016

By Alicia Young, Web Editor

The good people of Las Vegas witnessed an unexpected smackdown like no other last week when CloudGenix beat Cisco in the IWANT CloudGenix Challenge. The purpose of the matchup was to determine which company delivers the most powerful SD-WAN product, and CloudGenix won in a landslide.

The challenge took place at the annual “Cisco (News - Alert) Live” event and the room was packed with existing Cisco customers, partners and employees. Everyone was excited to see how the legacy “packet/protocol based” IWAN product(s) would do against CloudGenix’s next generation “Application-Defined” solution.

The use cases were straightforward, and should have been easy for both sides:

  1. Set up and configure a very basic SD-WAN configuration
  2. Enable direct-to-cloud over Internet selectivity for cloud based applications
  3. Monitor/manage the solution to collect business relevant analytics

The multi-round match, hosted by Ethan Banks of Packet Pushers, proved to be shocking. Ethan encouraged audience members to try out the IWAN solution, while volunteers from the audience gave CloudGenix a shot. Both systems were neck and neck for awhile, but by the time the IWAN table got through the first use case, they had already been beaten by two audience members who finished the entire cycle on CloudGenix.

The IWAN Table eventually gave up, realizing that it was impossible to beat CloudGenix. The final results of the test were staggering, with zero IWAN test completions and 10 successful CloudGenix test completions.

CloudGenix took the Shakespearean line, “And though she be but little, she is fierce” to a whole new level by beating the behemoth Cisco. CloudGenix is radically changing how networks are built and managed. Its Instant-On Networks (ION) product family delivers an application-defined fabric that eliminates the need for hardware routers. This challenge showed that their products and ideas are great not only on paper, but when put to the test as well.