Powernet Adds SD-WAN Solution for Enterprise Networks

August 25, 2016

By Frank Griffin, Contributing Writer

There are many ways in which businesses can connect to communicate with their employees, customers, partners and vendors. Whether it is through wireless networking, Wi-Fi, voice, data or IT managed services, availability and reliability are two of the biggest issues when organizations are looking for IT solutions. Powernet just announced the launch of its PowerWAN to deliver reliable network connectivity and simplify SD-WAN deployments.

 According to the company, PowerWAN is going to be powered VeloCloud to deliver the reliability customers are looking for with a price point that is lower than the standard price in the marketplace by eliminating costly barriers that prevent businesses from growing and staying connected.

"PowerWAN will help revolutionize customer network performance. No longer will businesses be forced to use expensive dedicated circuits and difficult to manage hardware, allowing them to save money and gain excellent visibility into the performance of their WAN," said Brent Baker, manager of network services at Powernet (News - Alert).

The PowerWAN platform has been designed to fully integrate with existing infrastructures with zero touch installation to connect multiple locations of an organization and network them together so they can be up and running with minimal effort. It also boosts the quality of the Internet, so businesses across different industries can carry out their operations because they will no longer be limited to slow traffic.

In order to ensure the most optimal functionality of the network, the company uses dynamic multi-path optimization to continuously monitor applications to ensure they are being transmitted along the strongest and most reliable route. If a particular application is on a poor connection, it will be rerouted and transitioned on a stronger traffic path without interrupting any services.

When information is being rerouted in this way, security becomes an issue. PowerWAN ensures the safety of the information by gathering and distributing the data with a secure and flexible cloud gateway once it is connected to the network. All the data can be monitored and controlled from the orchestrator in real time by recognizing more than 2,500 applications out of the box with PowerWAN's smart QOS. This allows organizations to quickly identify applications that are using the most data, it can then lower or raise priorities for applications so the right app gets the necessary data to function properly.

This type of control also lowers the amount of people it takes to monitor and operate the system by allowing IT personnel to work from a central location to monitor the entire network.

Performance capabilities are now becoming the biggest differentiator's for organizations that are looking to increase their level of efficiency in a highly connected world. According to Baker, "PowerWan can solve all of these problems through innovative SD-WAN capabilities."