Lanner Electronics, Versa Networks Push New SD-WAN Use

September 21, 2016

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

The growth of software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) has been obvious in recent months, with more and more companies adding this capability to current technology rosters in a bid to get better connectivity. Couple this on to virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) technology and a string of new possibilities emerges. A new combined effort between Lanner Electronics (News - Alert) and Versa Networks looks to make SD-WAN and vCPE solutions a little more readily accessible to everyday users.

With Versa's SD-WAN and SD-Security tools working alongside Lanner's vCPE systems, the end result is a platform that can do more in then market than the two could do apart. Recently, the pair tested an integrated solution that brings the two together to created an SD-WAN system that's based on network functions virtualization (NFV) principles, and in turn allows businesses access to a system that's more versatile in the field and also helps improve cost profiles. Most legacy WAN systems require private lines or even single-function hardware, but the combined Versa / Lanner platform makes it a lot easier to simplify such operations, which reduces costs and adds value.

The new platform is built around the Lanner FW-7525, reports note, which in turn works with Versa's FlexVNF. The FW-7525 has the power necessary to carry on in most any situation, offering an Intel (News - Alert) Atom C2000 processor in either dual-core or quad-core, along with as many as six Ethernet ports and a QuickAssist crypto hardware accelerator, a tool which allows better security inspections and, from there, better overall security. Adding in Versa's software tools, meanwhile, makes for a better overall SD-WAN operation, as well as adding value for larger-scale enterprise WAN systems.

It's hard to pass up a system that offers cost savings as part of its package; like buying a coupon book for a place routinely patronized, it doesn't take long for that coupon book to effectively pay for itself, and then start offering return on the investment through ongoing savings. As more companies discover the value inherent in SD-WAN and vCPE systems, being able to bring in an easier way to put those tools to work—and one that provides cost savings in the process—is a rational move. When a decision is so clearly worthwhile, that makes the selling process even easier, and gives Lanner and Versa some great potential to get a foot in the door with several companies, as well as offer up another solution to its current customer base.

The new system offered by Lanner and Versa should provide plenty of value, and make itself an attractive new addition to many companies' existing operations. It's hard not to, when a simple way to bring in a powerful new technology comes into the field.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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