Freewire Facilitates SD-WAN with TELoIP

September 23, 2016

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

Your network is a living entity. The rigid architecture of days past are long gone and, as hardware has seen better days, software continues to lead the charge into the next generation of network solutions. Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) empowers a network with the flexibility required to ensure application performance remains at peak levels and the demands of today’s digitally transformed enterprise are more than met.

In order to address these growing network needs, managed service provider Freewire selected TELoIP’s SD-WAN solutions to offer customers the desired capabilities. Freewire can construct deployments, leveraging its expertise in managed networking to create an implementation that directly addresses customer requirements.

“TELoIP's solution extends software-defined benefits to both WAN and Internet traffic, while including a long list of widely-anticipated features that ultimately decrease infrastructure costs and drastically improve service levels,” described Freewire CIO, Peter Wild.

The TELoIP VINO (Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay) manages all traffic (WAN or Web) in a single, cloud managed network.  VINO assures network requirements are met as traffic surges occur and more applications run in the cloud.

“Today's business network landscape has changed,” explained Pat Saavedra, Founder and CTO of TELoIP. “WAN traffic is still vitally important, but widespread cloud adoption means that customers also need the benefits of SD-Internet to support their increasing dependence on online connectivity. VINO brings it all together, with enhanced performance for WAN, cloud and Internet applications and a customer experience that is efficiently managed through a single pane of glass.”

Poor network performance is a recipe for frustration, a lack of productivity and possible revenue loss. The software-defined reality in which we exist is sending shockwaves through businesses large and small, offering dynamic and robust capabilities centered on optimum performance.

What WAN are you working with? 

Edited by Alicia Young

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