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It's Official: EarthLink SD-WAN Launched

September 29, 2016

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

Our once analog world is transitioning into a digital society; with that shift also comes moving away from rigid network architectures of the past and diving headfirst into software defined solutions, which empower application performance, flexibility and ability to scale. The future is now. Building on the momentum of this software-based surge, this week EarthLink officially launched the VeloCloud-Powered SD-WAN service.

“Businesses today are struggling to provide the best customer experience as they transition critical business applications to the cloud, manage ever increasing amounts of data and address new customer imperatives like unified commerce, mobile access and the Internet of Things,” said Joe Eazor, President and CEO of EarthLink.

The EarthLink SD-WAN brings together exceptional customer service with network optimization, security, reliability and application performance. Each customer is assigned a team of EarthLink pros to evaluate business requirements and real-time analytics to develop a deployment and security strategy. Hosted voice, security, and secure Wi-Fi can be easily integrated into the cloud-delivered solution. And, because a layer of intelligence is added to the Hybrid-WAN, real-time visibility and control are possible. This ensures SLAs are met and application performance is at an acceptable level.

Once implemented, EarthLink offers 24/7 monitoring to maintain high levels of performance and reliability.

An additional benefit to deploying the EarthLink solution is the ability to improve the customer experience by utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) and possess a unified commerce platform.

Eazor continued to note, “We know that the network is the critical enabler of the customer experience and must be central to any IT strategy. That’s why our new offering marries our strength in client service with our deep industry expertise to offer businesses a new approach to network management that makes it faster and easier to implement the technologies that will drive customer relationships and business success.”

Don’t just sit there while software continues to feast on the world; embrace the movement. SD-WAN will serve as a key component to firms large and small as we move forward. It’s never fun being last to the party.

Edited by Alicia Young