CloudGenix SD-WAN Wins the Day

September 30, 2016

By Laura Stotler, SD-WAN Contributing Editor

It takes a noble company to admit to a mistake and yet in the technology space, mistakes are made on a regular basis. CloudGenix specializes in setting up software-defined WANs (SD-WANs) for their customers, and their CloudGenix ION solution helps them to do that quickly and cost effectively – usually.

That wasn’t the case with a recent deployment for a Fortune 100 customer, however, and is often the case with technology deployments, a few things went wrong. Luckily, as Simon Bhagat, SE manager at CloudGenix, wrote in a recent blog post, the company was able to make things thanks to its innovative and efficient solution.

According to Bhagat, the company had worked hard to win over the large customer, even beating out Cisco’s (News - Alert) iWAN solution. CloudGenix was scheduled for one final review with a key decision maker at the company, who was interested in the speed of installation. Bhagat had promised this customer that in less than 10 minutes the SD-WAN would be set up as well as application flowing through with SLAs in place. The solution would also be able to troubleshoot any application performance issues, theoretically.

The CloudGenix customer was also concerned with replacing outdated Cisco routers as well as having the new solution work with existing routers that couldn’t be immediately replaced. Finally, the customer had come to expect complexity and broken promises and CloudGenix had assured them that its proactive app, network and location analytics for both cloud and data center apps would offer instant problem resolution while also holding the company’s service provider accountable for its SLAs.

Things went askew right out of the gate for the engineer conducting the demonstration for the customer. He had promised to have everything up and running in under 10 minutes and had issues getting everything plugged in and working properly due to not having a power strip handy for all his devices. So he reset the clock once everything was powered up and started to ping Google (News - Alert) and YouTube to test the network connection. Everything seemed to be working properly when the customer asked to see the CloudGenix portal and all the statistics on exactly what was running and at what speeds. The engineer showed him the portal and all the traffic, which included his email and other apps running. Everything was running so quickly and smoothly that the executive thought it was a hoax and actually took control of the mouse to ensure the solution wasn’t some sort of recorded trick.

In the long run, the executive was impressed with the CloudGenix SD-WAN offering and the company won the business. And the engineer learned that he should always have a power strip handy when conducting demonstrations. Ultimately, though, it was the speed and high level of service demonstrated through CloudGenix’s portal that won the day – and the customer.

Edited by Maurice Nagle