Bandwave Systems Joins Up with Silver Peak to Bring Out New Options

October 26, 2016

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

Partnership efforts are generally exciting propositions because these efforts mean options that weren't previously on hand, and likely wouldn't have been had the partnership never taken place. That's just what happened with Bandwave Systems and Silver Peak (News - Alert), whose newest partnership effort is set to bring out new capability for customers on both sides of the aisle.

Since Bandwave is known for its broadband management solutions, and Silver Peak for its broadband and hybrid wide-area network (WAN) solutions, the notion that this pair would do great things in the software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) space isn't outlandish. Thus, when the duo set up a set of proof-of-concept systems and discovered that said systems worked just fine, the duo took its act on the road to the customers.

What the customers got, meanwhile, was a new SD-WAN solution, the Unity EdgeConnect, that added on a complete 24 / 7 billing and support operation thanks to Bandwave's additions. With such a unified package now available, those who bought in would have access to a complete managed SD-WAN that's readily able to offer connectivity and support even for those businesses who are spread out by geography. Though each carrier that goes with the new SD-WAN system will have different needs when it comes to integrating the system into current operations, Bandwave's new capabilities will help bridge that gap nicely.

Silver Peak's channel chief for North America, Bob Bruce, commented “As the SD-WAN market gains momentum and customer adoption expands, forward thinking partners like Bandwave are quickly moving beyond simply serving as a Value Added Reseller partner, to become Managed Service Providers that can add significant value to distributed enterprises seeking to build a better WAN. Bandwave has the proven processes and managed services to make the integration of our SD-WAN solution into an enterprise environment seamless.”

This arrangement is perhaps the simplest yet most beneficial type of partnership effort; each company brings a particular portion of its lineup to the table, combines the two, and creates a new whole that's better than either version ever was. Great news for the partners, who can now take the new version to both of their customer bases, but it's also great news for the customers, who get access to a powerful new system that might well ultimately provide a competitive advantage in the field. Particularly for geographically-distributed businesses, being able to keep everyone on the same page despite being spread out across a city or even state can be useful, and a tool like this one might be just the ticket.

The combined effort of Silver Peak and Bandwave has produced what looks like a powerful, useful new system, and one that the customer base should be eager to take advantage of. Just how far it goes, we'll have to wait and see, but there are likely some interested customers already waiting to get it in place. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle