Viptela, LiveAction Join Up to Form New Integration

November 14, 2016

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

It's easy to say that it would be a good idea to bring in tools like software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) systems, but it's a whole different matter to actually put these tools in play. However, it may be about to get at least a little easier thanks to a new team effort from Viptela and LiveAction which should produce much greater visibility into the process of SD-WAN deployment.

The new team effort calls for Viptela's Secure Extensible Network (SEN) system to be put in play alongside LiveAction's LiveNX Together system. The combined effort allows Viptela's tools to be used to interconnect both public and private IP connections. That means it's possible to use multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) in the same environment as broadband, Ethernet, and even LTE (News - Alert) connections, which better allows for remote operations to take place. Meanwhile, LiveNX offers a slate of analytics and visualization systems to help better spot problems that might be going on inside the system. When it's easier to spot a problem, it's easier to fix it, and that means a simpler overall deployment with less care and feeding costs.

Viptela's vice president for product management and partnerships Ramesh Prabagaran commented “The Viptela-LiveAction partnership provides customers the visibility and agility they need to quickly identify and fix problems before they can impact network performance and business operations. Applying LiveAction’s real-time and retrospective visualization capabilities to network intelligence provided by our vManage application simplifies SD-WAN planning, monitoring and troubleshooting.”

With the two platforms running together, the end result is a system that not only allows for better SD-WAN deployment planning, but also better deployment options and even better management options when the system's in place. Cheaper and faster to install, while not sacrificing quality, and making it easier to care for the system after its installation is a combination that's hard to resist. By bringing all of these points together in one place, Viptela and LiveAction may have produced a package that will be the new gold standard for anyone bringing out an SD-WAN deployment.

This should be good news for Viptela and LiveAction, as there are many more SD-WAN systems going into place than ever before. With a system that makes it easier and less resource-intensive to put such systems out, the new solution should be a valuable part of many lineups.

Edited by Maurice Nagle