Tata and Versa Networks Deliver New Managed SD-WAN Service

December 22, 2016

By Frank Griffin, Contributing Writer

The challenges enterprise networks face during the digital transformation of their organizations get more complicated when their resources have to be shared with multiple branches. Whether these branches are local or international, enterprises are opting for software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) because of the flexibility and agility it provides. The new partnership between Tata Communications (News - Alert) and Versa Networks is going to deliver a new managed SD-WAN service that is part of Tata's new managed SD-WAN offering, IZO SDWAN Select.

According to Versa Networks, Tata will be deploying the IZO SDWAN Select, which allows enterprises to leverage existing network investments, and/or choose new technology based on x86 devices for any enterprise headquarter and branch locations. And as a purely software-based SD-WAN, its customers will have a managed service that brings increased business agility through application level visibility, control and integrated security.

The Tata solution uses Versa's comprehensive suite of virtual network and security functions (VNFs) to make this possible. And it will also allow it to leverage Versa's multi-tenant SD-WAN solution in its 20 cloud gateways globally so it can ensure the high level of reliability enterprises demand.

“We have a long-term strategy for enabling our customers to drive their digital transformation through the cloud and unleash the growth potential that new markets and geographies can bring,” said Hon Kit Lam, VP of managed networks and IP Services for Tata Communications.

The IZO SDWAN Select can be deployed on non-proprietary x86 appliances to enable integrated network and security that can be scaled instantly compared to using separate hardware appliances. This makes instant deployment of branch office networks anywhere in the world possible so new products and services can be made available faster to take advantage of changing market conditions.

“Tata Communications has an unparalleled vision for how a cloud-enabled platform can drive business growth and agility. The company is using exactly that vision to evolve wide-area networks with the cloud-first model in the IZO™ SDWAN Select service, and Versa is very excited to join them in bringing the benefits of a cloud-native and software-defined WAN to their broad set of global customers,” said Kelly Ahuja, CEO of Versa Networks.

The Tata IZO SDWAN solution combines IZO Hybrid WAN with the latest virtualized network technologies to maximize performance delivered as a managed service in more than 130 countries. For enterprises, this means ensuring a better end user experience with a simplified branch infrastructure that has consistent security policies and lower cost of ownership across each deployment. 

Edited by Alicia Young