Viptela SD-WAN Helps Singtel Win 2016 World Communication Award

January 06, 2017

By Frank Griffin, Contributing Writer

As the number of users telecom operator support continues to increase, software has become the best way to manage all of their resources to deliver the best possible service along with the reliability customers expect. For Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel), which provides fixed, mobile, data, internet, TV and digital solutions, the deployment of its ConnectPlus SD-WAN solution powered by the Viptela Secure Extensible Network (SEN) platform was one way to manage the customers and services it is providing. The technological integration of both companies has resulted in Singtel winning the 2016 World Communication Award for its SD-WAN solution. 

The 2016 World Communication Award, which was held in London, recognized Singtel for finding a solution to unify the disparate networks enterprises and other organization have to manage.

ConnectPlus gives enterprises a way to simplify and securely manage different networks to a centralized console hosted on Singtel cloud so they can be managed as one. Administrators can change network policies and resource allocations with central management deployed across the entire enterprise in real time so they can respond dynamically to business challenges as they take place.

According to Singtel, the goal was to have a centralized system to reduce WAN complexity and simplify network security management as more connections are deployed to new sites.

Mr Bill Chang, Chief Executive Officer, Group Enterprise at Singtel said, “As more enterprises migrate technologies to the cloud, they have to deal with more complex communications frameworks.  Our service allows enterprises to simplify and centralize their network management. This award is a global recognition of our software-defined capabilities which help enterprises enhance their productivity, network efficiency and scalability.”

The Viptela Secure Extensible Network (SEN) platform is an SD-WAN solution with distributed CPE routers available in both software and hardware formats, and centralized controller elements which are software only components.

The Viptela SEN solution for architecture transformation is a five step process that involves: enable transport independence; enable security at routing scale; enable network-wide segmentation; centrally enforce policy and business logic; and insert Layer 4-7 services on demand. Viptela says SEN can be implemented in a matter of hours and new services and applications can be rolled out quickly.

Edited by Maurice Nagle