CHT Global Steps Up SD-WAN

March 14, 2017

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

The growth of software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) in recent years is bringing with it a variety of new opportunities and capabilities from both makers and users of such systems. Recently, Chunghwa Telecom (News - Alert) (CHT) Global announced that it was bringing its own SD-WAN systems out on a global scale thanks to a new partnership with VeloCloud Networks.

With the new partnership in place, CHT Global can better produce the basic infrastructure that allows an SD-WAN system to be most readily put to use. With such a system in play, businesses get access to cost savings, better customer experience, and further improvements from there that help ensure return business. CHT Global was already known for its agility and security in the field, as well as its ability to offer a system that could be brought up and running with a minimum of problems. Thanks to VeloCloud's help, CHT Global can offer a complete secure cloud network option, protecting sensitive data and making branch deployment easier.

This is also a move that gives VeloCloud some extra opportunities; since CHT Global ranks among the current leaders in cable line networks in the Pacific—and even beyond that thanks to its undersea cable systems—it's a major presence in both voice and data traffic worldwide. Thus, working with CHT Global gives VeloCloud some new opportunities to break into a market as well. 

CHT Global president and CEO Joe Yang commented “CHT Global SD-WAN will minimize the congestion that commonly occurs with traditional broadband Internet that would otherwise interfere with the delivery of time-sensitive applications and lower the QoE for end users. By pairing up VeloCloud’s technology and knowledge of managed services with CHT Global’s submarine cable network, businesses around the world can increase operational efficiency and maximize performance.”

SD-WAN systems have already shown their value worldwide as a means to not only offer more services, but to do so more rapidly according to changing conditions on the ground. That's great news for both the users and those who offer SD-WAN services, as it assures a market of eager users ready to put these systems to work to in some cases save money, in some cases make money, and in a few cases, do both at the same time. 

With CHT Global and VeloCloud working together here, the duo is likely to put out an impressive new capability in the SD-WAN field.  That should prove to be good news all around. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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