Hughes Adds Managed SD-WAN Solution for Public Sector to Portfolio

May 23, 2017

By Frank Griffin, Contributing Writer

Public organizations, in the vast majority of cases, are made up of multi-site branches at the local, state and national level. This ensures services are delivered for the entire population. However, it introduces inefficiencies when it comes to using available resources more effectively. The new Managed Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution announced by Hughes (News - Alert) for the public sector looks to bring the resources of governments across geographically dispersed locations together without the limitations of legacy network systems.

The new SD-WAN for public sectors from Hughes will be part of the company's comprehensive suite of HughesON managed services for multi-site organizations. Hughes said its solution will be able to overcome the challenges of dedicated legacy networks with better network flexibility, higher performance, improved network and application availability, and cloud readiness all while lowering costs.

"With organizations continuing to adopt new cloud-based and rich media applications, networks are facing more traffic and stress than ever before. The SD-WAN solution further expands our proven portfolio of HughesON managed services, delivering multi-site organizations optimized network performance by resolving bandwidth, availability and cloud access challenges— keeping applications up even if the primary network path fails," said Mike Cook, executive vice president at Hughes.

The service is being delivered using the Hughes ActiveTechnologies, which transforms regular broadband connections into enterprise-grade high performance WANs with support for high-bandwidth applications, including video, VoIP, cloud and other services. The Managed SD-WAN combines best-in-class on premises and network based security capabilities with management through Hughes Security Operations Center (SOC). The SOC is staffed by security professionals that use state-of-the-art security tools to protect the networks and the assets that use them.

The Hughes ActiveTechnologies include: ActivePath, ActiveQoS, ActiveClassifier and ActiveCompression. Together these tools ensure the delivery of applications using powerful algorithms by exploiting multiple network paths without interrupting services in a secure WAN. The technology also measures end-to-end capacity on broadband links to ensure the quality of service by dynamically updating priority queues for the bandwidth usage of each site with traffic shapers. This delivers better VoIP and video performance even on low bandwidth service.

The Hughes Managed SD-WAN is able to optimize the service by automatically and dynamically classifying traffic based on flow behavior, instead of manual configuration and maintenance rules. For government organizations such as emergency services that require critical real-time and cloud-based applications, being able to prioritize traffic over non-time sensitive data is invaluable.

The Hughes Managed SD-WAN solution is now available integrated with nationwide broadband access using multiple transport technologies, including cable, fiber, LTE (News - Alert) and satellite.

Edited by Maurice Nagle