Hutchison Global Communications Launches SD-WAN Service

May 24, 2017

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. SD-WAN is taking the wide area network by storm. And that’s a good thing for businesses, which as a result can more efficiently reach their applications living in public clouds, have more flexibility in using the carriers and connectivity of their choice, and make the best use of all their connectivity rather than running in primary and secondary modes.

Among the latest company to have launched SD-WAN services is Hutchison Global Communications. A subsidiary of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Ltd., Hutchison Global Communications has a fiber optic network in Hong Kong. It has four cross-border routes to three of mainland China’s top-tier telecommunications operators. It offers fixed line services locally and overseas. It has a data center business, an international and carrier business, sells residential broadband services, and has a corporate business. And now it provides SD-WAN.

In announcing its new SD-WAN service, the company explained that it aggregates bandwidth from underlying access services such as broadband internet cable modem- and/or DSL-based services, mobile network connections, and MPLS. And it noted that the new service provides businesses with a public internet path to their applications that live in the public cloud, and it frees up MPLS bandwidth for business-critical data.

This is just one of a large collection of SD-WAN news we’ve seen lately coming from a wide range of service providers. For example, Masergy today launched SD-WAN Go, a second SD-WAN managed service that carrier is now offering. With SD-WAN Go Masergy introduces a low-cost service that enables customers to offload video services like Netflix and YouTube (News - Alert) from their MPLS connections.

SD-WAN has been embraced by businesses in a variety of verticals, even some of the most heavily regulated and latency-sensitive ones like financial services. For example, in January service provider MetTel (News - Alert) announced that financial services firm Wunderlich is using its SD-WAN solution.

Ed Fox, vice president of network services at MetTel, commented: “Our SD-WAN solution gives customers like Wunderlich the ability to be connected to timely news and important information that directly impacts their customers from a fiduciary perspective. The flexibility with the system allows Wunderlich to have all its IT infrastructure needs in place within 72 hours. Given Wunderlich’s commitment to its customers, being immediately available for questions and concerns is a top priority.”