CloudGenix Shows Off First Application-Defined SD-WAN System

June 12, 2017

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

The software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) market has already seen a lot of changes in a comparatively short time. CloudGenix, meanwhile, planned to wow attendees at an upcoming event by bringing out a powerful new solution to the SD-WAN market, one that wasn't just an industry first, but the only such product in the field right now.

The product in question is CloudGenix's Instant-On Networks (ION) product lineup, which offers the first ever SD-WAN system with an application-defined fabric. With such a system in place, it becomes easier to build a cloud-first network that delivers on a business' overall intent. Essentially, the network operates how a business intends to use it, not shaping its use of the network to fit the network's inherent constraints.

That's an exciting enough development, but it gets better; CloudGenix will also have a couple of sessions and panels to take part in, offering perspective and further information about the state of the SD-WAN market and its own reaction to same. One session will feature CloudGenix Autodesk (News - Alert)'s vice president of IT Prakash Kota, detailing why Autodesk turned to an SD-WAN over traditional WAN systems.  Then, CloudGenix's CEO Kumar Ramachandran (News - Alert) will focus on how to expand a WAN to meet the needs of a current workplace, establishing business rules and service level agreements (SLAs) for apps using an application-defined SD-WAN like the kind CloudGenix can now offer.

Ramachandran further noted “Enterprises must be equipped with a networking model that meets the demands of the modern business. CloudGenix SD-WAN is the only solution with a revolutionary app-defined fabric that provides a simple, cost-effective and high-performance networking to customers, resulting in the demise of legacy networking models.”

With this release, CloudGenix has bought itself a certain amount of time in the market as a first-mover, a development that will likely help it going forward. The only downside to a release like this is that it gives competitors a clear target, something to specifically add to current operations, particularly if the new item is well-received. This makes that first-mover advantage something of a limited advantage as astute competitors work to match the new offering and attempt to compete therein. Still, time is important in business—they call it a direct equivalent of money for a reason—and CloudGenix can likely make hay while the sun shines.

CloudGenix should be able to take this system to its fullest advantage, and with it, gain new presence in the market. The end result should give CloudGenix an edge in the market going forward, even if it's only a temporary push.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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