Versa AWS SD-WAN Now ESG Validated

January 24, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

The IT world is experiencing rapid transformation thanks to the cloud, and the alphabet soup of solutions it supports. This shift is upping the ante on network management, pushing teams in the direction of software-defined, application-aware WAN offerings. SD-WAN is quickly becoming the preferred option, as it delivers the flexibility, performance, security, visibility and more that the modern business requires.

SD-WAN provides a gateway to the cloud. This week, ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group (News - Alert)) announced the validation of the integration between AWS (Amazon Web Services (News - Alert)) and Versa Networks’ Cloud IP Platform. Furthermore, ESG’s “SD-WAN Integration with Amazon Web Services – Versa Networks” offers insight and analysis on the vendors working with AWS, as well as the integration and testing process in regard to Versa.

“Versa Networks, a Registered Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), is pleased to be recognized by ESG as a recommended SD-WAN vendor for AWS customers in its latest report,” said Kumar Mehta, co-founder and CDO of Versa Networks.

By its nature, SD-WAN is a game-changing technology, but each vendor offers a bit of different flavor. In Versa’s case, the offering is quite comprehensive. Beginning with a strong foundation built on integrated security, and taking a holistic approach to protecting the WAN Versa is already starting ahead of the pack. Offering the benefit of working with one vendor makes life that much easier for any business, then throw in the robust portfolio including SD-WAN and SD-Security, that when combined deliver a fully software defined branch (SD-Branch).

Security is certainly a separating factor for Versa, but it’s not the only one – Lest we forget improved user experience and service agility, which drive business productivity and the bottom line. The cloud era demands much from your network, there is no time to dawdle.

 “It’s undeniable that the networking landscape has significantly evolved as enterprises shift to cloud-based models to accelerate performance and lower costs. ESG’s testing and validation of Versa’s integration with AWS underscores that its Cloud IP Platform is strongly positioned to help customers build out their networks to remain competitive and address current and future business growth.”

Digital transformation is underway around the globe. Will your business be joining?

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz