SD-WAN Deployments Mounting, But Why?

March 01, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

SD-WAN is gaining ground, and as we see reports daily of market forecasts projecting exponential explosion for the space, but why? Sure, the cloud is an integral piece of business today, deploying a flexible networking solution aids in more agile operations and cuts cost, but why the lofty expectations for this burgeoning technology?

This week, Versa unveiled the report, “SD-WAN Adoption is Accelerating to Reduce Security Risk,” done so in conjunction with Dimensional Research, the report notes that 85 percent of companies are actively investigating SD-WAN to address complexity and security issues.

Security and managing branch networks were the top concerns noted, and of the 85 percent of organizations researching SD-WAN for operations, the study illustrates that 93 percent of these firms are targeting 2019 for deployment.

“Not surprising is that the move to multi-cloud and SaaS (News - Alert) is revealing additional attack vectors that have also created a more treacherous threat environment for the enterprise,” said Rob McBride, Head of Product Marketing of Versa Networks.

A similar survey conducted in 2016 noted 68 percent of respondents showing interest in this burgeoning technology. But, we’ve come a long way in a couple short years, with almost all networking stated taking an aggressive approach for security and networking moving forward in the report released this week.

“Consequently, the explosion of multi-cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications that are driving today’s rapidly evolving network have also caused WAN security to be a top priority for numerous network professionals. The results of our survey clearly indicate that enterprises want to reduce complexity, but at the same time, they are deploying a multitude of devices to combat security threats, which paradoxically adds to the existing network complexity,” McBride continued.

SD-WAN is seizing the spotlight, with the reasons plain to see. This networking phenomenon is here to stay as a vital component to this phase of digital transformation and the cloud era.

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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