UCaaS, SD-WAN Keys to Digerati's T3 Acquisition

May 04, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

The cloud communications arena is competitive to say the least, like Red Sox – Yankees Game 7, fierce would be putting things mildly. Much the same MLB (News - Alert) franchises piece together a squad through acquisition; cloud communications providers are compiling components to create compelling portfolios fit for a championship run.

Digerati announced the completion of its T3 Communications acquisition. With the addition, Digerati adds an established Southwestern Florida cloud communications provider, and is positioned well for future prosperity.

Arthur L. Smith, CEO of Digerati, commented, "The acquisition of T3 Communications has created a solid foundation for our continued roll-up of other profitable cloud communication providers that have excelled at that ‘local touch’ and displaced the national and incumbent providers who are not adequately serving the small-to-medium-sized-business.”

Two T3 technologies serving as the crown jewel of the purchase (UCaaS and SD-WAN), as Digerati highlights that with millions of businesses still using legacy telephony, the opportunity is rich in these two markets illustrating explosive growth.

Josh Reel, CEO of T3, stated, “It is exciting to be a part of a plan that places high value on customer service and retention. Although we are eager to meet some lofty expectations for driving shareholder value on Wall Street, fundamentally, it comes down to a very basic value proposition on main street, serving our customers better than our larger competitors.”

The cloud era is cultivating change, from how we collaborate, to connectivity and the network. Digital transformation is no passing fad, invest in your future or remain in the past. The choice is yours.

Are your business communications in the cloud?

Edited by Maurice Nagle