Versa Puts Cloud IP Platform on Display

May 11, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

At this inaugural SD-WAN Expo, the event served as a convergence of who’s who’s in SD-WAN, with these pioneers honored for their trailblazing efforts. The 20 some odd award winners exemplify a field that was once a handful of startups, which today is rapidly expanding. To that point, it is important to educate on SD-WAN before selecting a provider, and a great place to start the learning is industry events.

Next week, Versa Networks Senior Director of Product Marketing Dogu Narin will offer his insight on this exploding space, taking part in the panel discussion, “SD-WAN: How the Market is Evolving” at an upcoming industry event. The session will explore the evolution of SD-WAN, and the ripple effect of this highly touted technology.

“SD-WAN: How the market is Evolving” commences on Tuesday, may 15th at 4:20 pm running until 5:10 pm in Breakout room #9AB.

Versa is providing the event’s attendees a firsthand look at the Versa Cloud IP platform, highlighting its integrated SD-security, SD-WAN and hosting 3rd party VNFs and VMs with DPDK optimizations. Versa will walk those present through a demonstration of securing connectivity leveraging advanced automation and visibility of networking and security. In addition, Versa will delve further into the power of the Cloud IP platform with a demonstration spotlighting of extending the WAN to the cloud, CMS and multi-cloud native capabilities.

Software is eating the world, and this revolution is showing no signs of slowing down. SD-WAN is surging as a key enabler of our cloud era. Is your organization taking part in digital transformation or enjoying the view from the sidelines?

What’s in your WAN?

Edited by Maurice Nagle