Aruba Delivers Simplified SD-Branch

June 22, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

The software defined era is at hand. As software and the c loud reinvent the WAN, SD-WAN is showing it’s here to stay as providers cement this burgeoning technology, it is time to move into the branch. Software-defined Branch to evolve and optimize branch networks.

This week, Aruba announced the integration of SD-WAN, LAN and security to deliver Software-defined Branch, or SD-Branch. The SD-Branch solution is aimed at aiding customers seeking to meet the demands of mobility, IoT and the cloud promises a potent combination of network availability and performance in a secure fashion.

The SD-Branch solution provides a single point for SD-WAN, assisting IT in its efforts to support the barrage of IoT, mobile needs, and cloud-based applications that power business. SD-Branch is capable of optimizing efficiency while cutting complexity.

Vera Wang CIO Stewart Ebrat noted, “As it continues to expand its global presence, high-end, luxury retailer Vera Wang is an organization that is facing this challenge as it scales its operations. “We need to get stores up and running quickly, and maximize our WAN availability and efficiency.”

Aruba SD-Branch touts an optimized branch experience due to a granular approach to QoS; integrated best-in-class security; as well as cost savings and simplicity at the enterprise scale.

“I’m excited about Aruba’s edge-to-cloud vision and integrating SD-WAN functionality. This will help us solve our performance and deployment problems at a fraction of the cost,” added Corey Hasberry, IT Manager for Vera Wang. “Aruba’s role-based security for our Wi-Fi and WAN infrastructure will help us bring a consistent experience to our employees and customers.”

Vera Wang is a good example of a retail deployment taking full advantage of what SD-Branch and SD-WAN technology can offer. Regardless of industry, operations start and stop at the network. The digital age is driving transformation, is your organization taking part?

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Edited by Maurice Nagle