Colt Uncaps uCPE

July 05, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

Even Jamiroquai would be proud of the insanity taking place in virtualization. When I say insanity, I refer to the immense amount of innovation ushering in the next generation of networking. This cloud-driven, software-defined and flexible future is at hand—on–demand!

Colt Technology Services unveiled the selection of ADVA’s (News - Alert) Ensemble Connector to use as the foundation of its new global universal premises equipment (uCPE) solution. Leveraging the Ensemble Connector enables the ability to run services like firewalls and SD-WAN.

Mirko Voltolini, head of Network On Demand, Colt Technology Services explained, "We'll now be able to deliver virtualized services from the widest range of suppliers on demand and under end-user control. It's all about empowering our customers to respond in an instant to new business opportunities. With Ensemble Connector, we're also able to leverage open, standard cloud components such as Linux, KVM, OpenStack and COTS servers, which gives us the flexibility to deploy a fully multi-vendor environment."

With the ADVA base, Colt can then deploy technology from multiple suppliers and enjoy the benefits of enhanced efficiency, accelerated product development and save on cost at the same time. By using shared commercial off-the-shelf infrastructure and standardization efficiency is dramatically improved and spend is reduced from more streamlined operations.

"Our Ensemble Connector sets a new benchmark for flexibility and scale. With its cloud-centric platform, Colt's customers will have the freedom to deploy best-of-breed software applications on the server of their choice. What's more, instead of months of tedious manual processes, new services will now be delivered automatically and on demand," commented Prayson Pate, CTO, Ensemble Division, ADVA.

There are many components to the modern network; Colt is compiling quite a collection in order to support the on-demand, digital world of the cloud era.

What’s in your network?

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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