ISG Puts 'Lens' on SDN

July 06, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

Many moons ago Mark Andressen proclaimed that software is eating the world. Today, these words ring profoundly true, especially within enterprise networking. The digital era is introducing a new day for the WAN, with software-defined solutions capable of supporting the demands of the modern enterprise.

Information Services Group unveiled the ISG Provider Lens Software Defined Networking and Services Quadrant Report this week, with no shortage of fireworks. ISG highlights the primary reasons for such explosive growth in software defined networking solutions – like SD-WAN and its siblings – are the speed and agility they provide.  

"Existing managed LAN and WAN services, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and related technologies still form the backbone of the installed customer base and generate the majority of revenues for telco and other communications providers," explained Esteban Herrera, partner and global leader of ISG Research. "But that's changing rapidly. Software-defined networking along with cloud networks are the biggest things to hit the industry in the last 30 years. Some providers, such as AT&T (News - Alert), have announced plans to make 75 percent or more of their networks SDN-compliant and functional by 2022."

SD-WAN and SDN solutions are making it possible for enterprises to add applications and resources in a secure and efficient manner. And, as popularity blooms so too does focus on arenas like enhanced automation and integration of services like managed devices and networks in addition to performance assurance management.

"Many of these providers currently are converting pilot or proof-of-concept projects into production-level deployments. That evolution, together with the relative newness of software-defined networking, leads ISG to expect many providers now characterized by the report as Product Challengers or Market Challengers will be able to improve their positioning over the next 12 months to be considered Market Leaders within their respective segments," added Herrera.

The report covered seven quadrants and included evaluations of 46 global service providers. The quadrants were mobility services, network services (VAS), managed SD-WAN services, managed WAN services, SD-WAN services (DIY), SD-WAN equipment and services, and SDN services.

This space is seeing a great deal of mergers and acquisitions. A once startup riddled field is maturing into the gateway to the cloud and digital transformation.

What software defined technology is in your network?

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Edited by Maurice Nagle