SD-WAN Wills Rise in Network Reliability

August 03, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

SD-WAN is making its mark felt around the world as a key enabler of the cloud era. Digital-first organizations are taking to the transformation at hand with software-defined networking solutions fit to support the rigorous networking demands of the modern era.

128 Technology (News - Alert) announced the commercial deployment of the 128T Session Smart Networking Platform for global service provider CMC Networks. With the South African deployment, the partnership touts presence in nearly 20 countries with an expectation of more joint projects in the not too distant future.

Redvine Networks, a 128 Technology partner, was key in the deployment, and offering CMC improved network reliability in the region – something enterprise customers desperately were in need of. This is a common issue in the many of the countries CMC’s global network supports, and with 104 POPs in 50 countries the global service provider required a solution capable of meeting the challenge.

"CMC Networks required a cutting edge solution that is both agile and addresses the issue of spotty network connection. Its enterprise customers need a streamlined approach that allows them to do business securely, without interruption, and avoids the 'bandwidth tax' associated with hardware-based tunneling and middleboxes," said Andy Ory, CEO of 128 Technology. "We're thrilled that the installation of the 128T Networking Platform has enabled CMC Networks to improve quality of service to its customers."

In specific, the 128T Session Smart Technology delivers a reduced infrastructure cost, and more simplified operations. In addition, end users enjoy a much-enhanced experience from better link quality and deliver on SLAs.

"We are thrilled about deploying this true next generation smart network across the various countries. This will be a game changer for CMC's customers removing the dependency on legacy networking devices," said Binesh George, CEO of Redvine Networks. "This impacts not only existing customer technologies, but also opens up an exciting new array of offerings previously not ever seen in the African region."

A software-defined revolution is raging all around us, offering the flexibility, performance and security required in a modern organization. Welcome to the digital age.

What’s in your WAN?

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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