California Telecom Turns to Versa for Secure SD-WAN

August 27, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

The network is netting much in the way of attention these days. The rapidly expanding SD-WAN space is a sign of the times, and a focus on flexible, pocket-friendly, secure and high performing. Software-defined networking solutions will continue to see time in the sun, with projections pushing this market in the coming years.

California Telecom announced a new partnership with Versa Networks. The pairing puts the power of the Versa Secure Cloud IP Platform on display, allowing California Telecom the ability to offer customizable managed SD-WAN solutions.

After an exhaustive search, California Telecom found its perfect partner, resulting in the integration of Versa’s Secure Cloud IP Platform into California Telecom’s infrastructure. The integration introduces a robust portfolio of offerings that include basic failover, Hybrid MPLS as well as cloud SD-WAN with unified threat integration.

All solutions are delivered via a single interface, making the management of the WAN edge and cloud perimeter as simple as a few clicks. California Telecom service delivery is automated and provisioned through an easy to use backend management tool, customers retain control of WAN security through a user portal. The customer portal provides enhanced visibility, promising optimal performance and security.  

"We spent over a year looking for a SD-WAN platform we could integrate into our existing MPLS infrastructure that could offer all the features that were being promoted in the industry," said Jim Gurol, CEO at California Telecom. "After trying multiple solutions, we found the one vendor that has it all, Versa Networks. The architecture closely paired with our existing infrastructure, so we are immediately able to go to market. With our team, our infrastructure and the Versa Secure Cloud IP platform, we can now provide our customers a unique and secure SD-WAN experience."

The WAN is an arena garnering more attention than ever, from the enterprise to SMB, it is an era of evolution. From the cloud to the network’s edge and beyond, this transformational technology is taking hold.

What’s in your WAN?

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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