Talari Celebrates 10 Years of Shipping SD-WAN Solution with New Patent

September 10, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

Digital transformation is underway. Migrating into the cloud era is not optional, software defined networking solutions are paving the way to a new day. Software-defined WAN is celebrating its time in the sun, and this quickly maturing technology is set to deliver for years to come.

Talari celebrated 10 years of shipping Failsafe software the same week it announced its 13th SD-WAN patent was. Filed back in 2016, “An Adaptive Private Network with Path Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) Discovery Process” is a testament to Talari innovation. The SD-WAN provider boasts 15 more SD-WAN patents in the pipeline of the US Patent Office review process.

The newly announced MTU patent enables the ability to connect two or more WAN connections via APN (adaptive private network) using SD-WAN network components, flows, paths and services. The patent provides allows for a firm with the SD-WAN in place use of diverse bandwidth sources. 

“Talari’s research and development teams uniquely focus on SD-WAN innovation,” said John Dickey, Co-Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer at Talari Networks (News - Alert). “Our team set out from the beginning to demonstrate to customers, partners and investors Talari’s SD-WAN innovation. Simply put, our IP portfolio establishes market barriers to entry that other competitors will find difficult to overcome.”

Software defined networking is enabling a pocket-friendly, flexible and high performing pathway to transformation. This quickly growing, highly competitive and crowded space is something to behold.

What’s in your WAN?

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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