Versa in the Mode

September 26, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

The cloud is a pervasive technology, offering a pocket-friendly, flexible way for enterprises to enter the digital era. Transformation is not optional in this time of network modernization. Leading the charge is the adoption of software-defined networking solutions like SD-WAN and its siblings – and the enterprise is liking the results.

Mode and Versa Networks announced a partnership positioned to elevate the visibility, flexibility and reliability of Versa’s Secure SD-WAN via WAN core.

Atchison Frazer, WW Head of Marketing, Versa, “The synergy of a cloud-native WAN edge and software-defined core enabled rapid integration between Versa Secure SD-WAN and Mode SD-CORE. We welcome offering a joint, cloud-native, software-defined private connectivity solution to augment legacy global WAN infrastructures for our Secure SD-WAN customers.”

Mode’s portfolio features a software-defined core network (SD-CORE) helps deliver last mile internet and SD-WAN providing reliable, end-to-end connectivity. This recent announcement signals deeper Versa/Mode integration, in addition to a new generation of SD-WAN/SD-CORE synergy. The combined solution is fit to supply the enterprise with site-to-site, IaaS/SaaS (News - Alert)/UCaaS and remote cloud access.

Paul Dawes, CEO, Mode noted, “We are pleased that Versa Networks is our first partner in the Mode SD-CORE + SD-WAN Program. The program is designed to enhance any SD-WAN by extending its benefits to the network core, and onboarding is very simple.” 

SD-WAN is stealing the spotlight of the digital age, carving a path for cloud migration and enabling WAN transformation. 

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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