EdgeConnect Earns Miercom Performance Verification Certification

October 04, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

While SD-WAN woos IT departments around the globe, it is exciting entire organizations as well. The why is easy, as a VoIP deployment’s best friend is SD-WAN. Excellent VoIP service quality is something every business seeks, so SD-WAN is worth exploring.

After extensive testing, Silver Peak’s (News - Alert) EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform was awarded Miercom Performance Verification certification. The SD-WAN solution navigated a number of real world scenarios, displaying high quality VoIP performance at every turn.

The complete report is available for download, but a few key highlights include the following test scenarios.  Baseline performance over a single broadband link highlighted how EdgeConect overcome low quality service even with low loss and deliver business acceptable voice quality. Two broadband links with one link impaired highlighted that with one link suffering severe packet loss and the other functioning as normal, exceptional VoIP quality can be maintained. In the scenario with two broadband links where both links are equally impaired offered the opportunity to again showcase the positive impact of path conditioning.

“Silver Peak is once again placing the industry on notice following last year’s grueling network Torture Test, challenging any vendor to submit their product to the same MOS test scenarios for VoIP performance over consumer-grade broadband,” said Derek Granath (News - Alert), vice president of product marketing at Silver Peak. “Only EdgeConnect consistently delivers the highest QoEx for VoIP over broadband, maintaining a MOS of greater than 3.0 even under severely impaired WAN conditions.”

SD-WAN is still a maturing market, but the benefits of this transformational technology are undeniable, especially when put in place to support VoIP service. Time is money, and simply put there is no good time for network down time.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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