Is Your SD-WAN Open Source?

April 17, 2019

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

SD-WAN is great, awesome, transformational, cost-cutting, all that and a bag of chips – this we know. This highly disruptive technology is elevating operations far and wide, but there is still a bit of a hiccup. While most view SD-WAN in a similar light, it still lacks standardization, and now it is dipping its toe in open source waters.

flexiWAN announced the arrival of the “world’s first SD-WAN open source solution, offering an open architecture and an open network. The result here is liberation, meaning the removal of vendor specific locked systems and put power in the hands of the development community and end users.

"flexiWAN is working with select enterprises and MSPs who have received early access to the system and joined the community supporting the flexiWAN project," says Amir Zmora, CEO and co-founder of flexiWAN. "We are now onboarding more companies to our community, giving them early access to flexiWAN, prior to the general availability planned toward the end of 2019."

The beta version of flexiWAN is available now for enterprise and service providers to POC.

Enterprises spend about $4 billion a year on routing software and equipment. For decades, networking vendors have provided monolithic software products to run on proprietary hardware, which is the reason for such a high spend. Virtualization is drastically reducing spend on scale, alleviating vendor lock-in and introducing more flexibility.

"The rapid and on-going changes in technologies mean enterprise networks will benefit from an open and flexible foundation. This will allow for the integration of new cutting edge technologies without being required to forklift each time new technologies are introduced," saysSteve Garson of SD-WAN Experts. "By offering an open source SD-WAN architecture, flexiWAN is giving enterprises and service providers the opportunity to control not only the functionality of their SD-WAN system but also the elements that comprise it."

What’s in your WAN?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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