iTrinegy: Testing Key to Providing SD-WAN Proof of Value

January 31, 2020

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

With a plethora of SD-WAN products and services, each with varying levels of features and capability, network professionals are potentially overwhelmed with vendor choice. More importantly, until now this was compounded by not having an appropriate test environment in which to properly operate and compare different SD-WAN vendor products to determine which one is most appropriate to the organization’s specific needs.

Likewise, SD-WAN vendors have the dilemma of effectively delivering proof of value demonstrations to their prospective SD-WAN customers. iTrinegy’s (News - Alert) Software Defined Test Network technology delivers these test environments both for network professionals and SD-WAN vendors alike. 

Before SD-WAN market leadership comes together in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for SD-WAN Expo, I had the pleasure of sitting down with iTrinegy Product Director Frank Puranik who will be participating in the panel “20 Questions…Go!”.

Maurice Nagle: Please tell us a bit about the latest news at your company.

Frank Puranik: iTrinegy continues to focus exclusively on the development and delivery of Enterprise-Class Software Defined Test Networks which enable both vendors and enterprises to fully understand the impact new types of network infrastructure, such as SD-WAN, will have on service delivery (applications, video, voice etc.,) and performance. We completed our fourth consecutive year of high growth, with 2019 seeing increased customer acquisition, revenue and profitability. We have just released our all new version (V9) of our software for our full-mesh capable range of high-end Enterprise Emulators. This includes many additional features, especially focused on running in production as well as lab environments. 2020 will also see iTrinegy expand its US operations where we already conduct more than 50% of our business.  

MN: What pains are you taking away for customers?

FP: Our customers, whether they are enterprises or vendors, will share a common concern when introducing new networks into the production environment, namely: Will they be able to deliver the anticipated benefits of SD-WAN without compromising existing application performance and service delivery?

So, wouldn’t it be useful if there was some way to conduct realistic pre-deployment testing of how applications will behave in the new network environment before actually investing in the proposed new infrastructure? This is where iTrinegy comes in. Our Software Defined Test Network (SD-TN) products enable both enterprises and vendors to recreate network topologies that accurately mimic the proposed real-world networks, like the Internet, MPLS and Cellular and their associated conditions including bandwidth, latency, loss and jitter. As the SD-TN is a test network it is not only possible to test under normal network conditions but to also create more extreme conditions to show how the proposed solution copes in adverse situations. For the enterprise, this ability to see if the proposed SD-WAN solution works effectively in even the most trying of circumstances should provide the reassurance that they are making a sound investment. At the same time, a Software Defined Test Network enables SD-WAN vendors to demonstrate their products operating in a realistic equivalent of the customer’s network, providing direct proof that it will work as expected when implemented.

MN: What’s your biggest SD-WAN takeaway from 2019?

FP: We first started to see SD-WAN about four years ago when there were about a dozen key vendors and some startups.  There are now over 70 providers which means it’s really difficult to know where to start when choosing appropriate solutions which is why it’s critical for enterprises and vendors to have effective Proof-of-Concept environments.

MN: What’s your most off-the-wall tech prediction for 2020?

FP: AI will continue to change the way we live and will be able to predict what we need, when we are going to need it, and for how long we will need it (even if we don’t know ourselves)!

MN: What do you hope to achieve at the event? Why should people come to SD-WAN Expo, ITEXPO (News - Alert) and its other collocated #TechSuperShow events to meet with your company?

FP: Learn, Learn, Learn!  It makes complete sense for enterprises to conduct effective Proof-of-Concept testing of any new network, including SD-WAN, in order to assure themselves that they are making the right decision and fully understand the impact of delivering their applications across new network infrastructures. Enterprises should come to the iTrinegy booth to see just how easy it is to use our Software Defined Test Network technology to help them achieve these objectives. Vendors should come to the booth to understand how our products can help them demonstrate the power of their proposed solutions and reassure potential customers that they are making a wise investment.

While we’re at the Tech Super Show we would also like to meet resellers who can help us to drive more sales.


MN: Why should your session be on the list of must-attend sessions at this year’s conference?

FP: The 20 Questions...Go! panel session is a must-see as attendees will be able to draw  on the expertise of the panel and gain invaluable insight into what you need to do in the early phases of the SD-WAN research/deployment process, including realistic proof-of-concept testing in order to successful select and implement the right SD-WAN solution for your organization - it could save you big time!

The early phases of any implementation or deployment can be tricky, so it’s vital to ask the right questions. The panel, 20 Questions…Go! will offer best practice from the best in the business. What’s in your WAN? Ready for network transformation?

See you in sunny South Florida!

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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