Cato Cloud API Introduces SASE First

December 11, 2020

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

For everything in life there is always a price to be paid. As they say, “There’s no free lunch.” The price of innovation is connecting complexity. While organizations are finding favor in the SASE architecture, the plain and simple truth is deployment involves bringing together myriad components, disparate platforms and solutions to deliver a gestalt-like solution. Something much easier said than done.

Cato Networks announced Cato Cloud API to empower the Enterprise and MSPs with automated provisioning for new sites and policies, and monitor Cato network analytics as well as SIEMs and other third-party platforms.

Specifically speaking, Cato Cloud API leverages GraphQL and interfaces with the Cato Cloud (entire network), taking what used to be hundreds of third-party API calls to one request.

The Cato Cloud API delivers one programmable interface to access security and networking data; normalized data to support accelerated analysis; the ability to request granular data to review just the pertinent data; and the newly unveiled API enables an MSP or enterprise to overview the entire network – not just an individual edge device.

Put yourself back in March, when the COVID-19 started building steam and organizations were forced to transition from the office to WFH. Now think about the time and resources it takes to ensure team members are set up, the network is secure and performing as expected. Cato is coming to the table with the means to make a process that would takes hours, days, weeks down to minutes.

MSPs are already putting the API to use,  showing how its possible transition rapidly without sacrificing security or performance.

“With just one Cato API call, we were able to replace tens of API calls from other vendors,” says Mark Hurley, Product Manager of Enterprise Networking Services Research and Design at CDW (News - Alert). “The Cato Cloud API allowed CDW to easily integrate into ServiceNow and monitor customer circuits with greater visibility while also providing latency monitoring.”

How SASE is your network?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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