Skyhigh Security Elevates Edge Security

March 24, 2022

By Maurice Nagle, Senior Editor

Enterprise security is a no stoned unturned, never-ending tug of war; only publicized when the bad guys win. A job well done is all-quiet on the western front. As the arms race continues, we’ve seen growing adoption of SASE, and most recently growing interest in SSE (Security Service Edge) and the introduction of a new wave of security solutions.

In January, Symphony Technologies Group launched Trellix. With a focus on delivering extended detection and response (XDR), the savvy equity partner split the Mcafee portfolio. Today, it completed the transformation with Skyhigh Security taking aim at the Security Service Edge (SSE) space and industry veteran Gee Rittenhouse taking the helm as CEO.

“Skyhigh Security has emerged as a dedicated cloud security company that is laser-focused on propelling businesses forward with a comprehensive and converged approach to data security,” said William Chisholm, managing partner, STG. “We’re committed to investing in this business, which is in one of the most important markets in security, SSE.”

The SSE provider offers a data-aware solution, developed to address the demands of the remote workforce by delivering security that follows data and user regardless of location.

“With the majority of data in the cloud and users accessing it from everywhere, a new approach to security is needed,” said Rittenhouse Skyhigh CEO. “Skyhigh Security has created a comprehensive security platform to secure both data access and data use via unified policies and data awareness. Organizations can now have complete visibility and control and seamlessly monitor and mitigate security risks—achieving lower associated costs, driving greater efficiencies and keeping pace with the speed of innovation.”

Secure, reliable connectivity is the baseline for the modern enterprise. Security stature is nothing to take lightly. And as the workforce remains miles from the office, it’s critical appropriate security strategy is in place.

Is your edge secure?

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Edited by Luke Bellos

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