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TMCNet:  ADARA Announces Completed Development and Release of New Single VNF Cloud SD WAN

[June 05, 2019]

ADARA Announces Completed Development and Release of New Single VNF Cloud SD WAN

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ADARA, Inc., a SDN and Cloud Networking company, announced that it has combined their virtual SD WAN products into a single VNF. Previously known as SD WAN Proxy and SD WAN Router on AWS Marketplace, the software will offer the same benefits, namely Performance-Based WAN Virtualization, Acceleration, and Optimization, in an even simpler manner. With the unified VNF, the technology is now even easier to implement, configure and manage as all of the functions and features are within a single instance (VM). The combined software is even more efficient. It also affords multiple throughput levels and accordingly multiple price points. It will be the first time since being re-engineered as a Cloud deployable platform that the functions have been combined since being deployed as a High Performance App on Bare Metal in companies such as Admiration Foods, Supreme Oil and Statas Foods; Archer Daniels Midland subsidiaries.

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By combining the two products into one VNF, ADARA has reduced the complexity of deployments on AWS Public Cloud platforms, OpenStack Private Cloud platforms, and all Hypervisors for an on premise deployment model; essentially supporting any and all deployment options. Current implementation in all deployment locations is already fully automated with AWS Cloud Formations in AWS and ADARA Automation outside the Public Cloud; the creation of a single instance enhances the speed of automation for customers byeliminating the need for service chaining between the VNFs. This combined VNF model reduces the time to deployment by more than 50%, and reduces billing and servicing. This also increases the ability to deploy ADARA SD WAN and leverage AWS Public Cloud tools for Orchestration, Monitoring, Analytics', and Management such as AWS AutoScaling for Single (and Multi) AMIs Scale On Demand, as well as all OpenStack Private Cloud tools with ADARA SD WAN. 

The Single instance reduces the networking; there are simply two subnets, one for incoming traffic and one for outgoing traffic and customers may continue to use their existing management subnet from their environment.

In addition, the new Single AMI and VNF Cloud has increased precision, with the ability to more accurately measure physical and virtual infrastructure; this results in higher performance. The combination reduces a service chain connection reducing processing time by 50%. The Dynamic Network Performance Measurements in real-time for all links, such as available bandwidth, latency and jitter are also more precise. This release will shortly be followed by a Cloud version that takes even more precise measurements and will boost performance even further.

Network Latency is a Universal Problem and our ability to eliminate latency between the customer and their Global Cloud locations promises to elevate Cloud Computing to new levels of adoption.

The unified ADARA SD WAN will soon be available on AWS Marketplace.


ADARA, Inc. is a premier provider of SDN and Cloud Networking products. ADARA's work in Intent Based Networking includes contributions to the ONOS Service Provider Intent framework, with advanced elements such as Performance Based Path Computation Engines and Intent Based Packet Optical Management. ADARA's AI Learning Algorithms monitor hundreds of attributes in Real Time in Networks, Physical and Virtual Hosts and Services; it is the most advanced Intent Based Production SD WAN in the industry. ADARA bundles a rich analytics package and IPSec VPN with SDN Controllers and a Cloud Management Platform and other VNFs, and they complement and connect ADARA's Portfolio of Cloud Products. ADARA Direct Connections enables large Corporate Enterprises with presence outside of Public Clouds to interconnect Clouds at the Network, and Computing Level, enabling Single Pane of Glass Management of Containers, Virtual Machines, Applications and Services and Networks across Performance Based Cloud Connections. ADARA Topology Visualization enables Enterprise wide visibility of Networks and Clouds with detail on a real time basis with self-healing capabilities.

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