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TMCNet:  Cisco SD-WAN as a Service has a name: ngena

[October 22, 2020]

Cisco SD-WAN as a Service has a name: ngena

MIAMI, Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ngena (the Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance), announced today that its unique Connectivity Platform as a Service solution, is expanding its operations in the Americas, creating new virtual offices, hiring new employees and signing up with key partners of the region. This leading-edge SD-WAN solution, 100% Cisco technology, allows partners and customers to use state-of-the-art multi-cloud and connectivity technology. More importantly, it gives companies the speed, agility and the latest innovative services to digitally transform.

ngena, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, was founded to provide globally consistent and flexible enterprise networks, delivering end-to-end and secured services including local connectivity. To date, more than fifty go-to-market partners have teamed up with ngena to deliver comprehensive, integrated, fully automated, highly flexible, highly secure and easy-to-use connectivity services to locations all over the world.

ngena is currently running business operations in the United States, South America, Europe and Asia. As the first company with pre-built and pre-configured cloud networking solutions, ngena offers partners an added value in recognizable business results. By using ngena's Connectivity Platform as-a-Service, partners can benefit from a solution that guarantees fast and secure deployment of a broad range of connectivity services that can be flexibly selected from a global service catalogue.

"Each client has a unique journey to the cloud, facing challenges and obstacles along the way. At ngena, we aim to facilitate a simpler integration around the complex onnectivity issues associated with integrating cloud connectivity into enterprise networks. Our platform is designed for multi-cloud managed as a Service connectivity and has been built for all kinds of industries. There are no investments in hardware, project management or long design configuration times," commented Bart de Graaff, CEO of ngena.

ngena's platform includes security built in, essential, as well as advanced services and pre-configured features, making it the only solution of its kind available in today's market. Partners and clients will be able to design and deploy their end-to-end connectivity solution in three easy steps:

  1. Select and Quote: The QuickSizerTM , a game changer, is the configuration tool. It was built for designing, quoting and ordering networks in minutes, not months.
  2. Enhance Technically: With Cisco technology, feature-rich networks are built with flexibility, speed and the most up-to-date security and adding all services that an access design point could need.
  3. Deploy and Manage: Our zero-touch deployment provides end-to-end global delivery of the network as well as 24/7 monitoring and service management.

"The ngena platform makes it possible for customers to benefit from simplicity, reliability, quality, and scale. Instead of having to negotiate, obtain, and manage disparate connectivity from various providers, they can rely upon ngena as a "one-stop shop" for all their global network needs" Kip Compton SVP, Strategy & Operations, Enterprise Networking & Cloud at Cisco (

With the global pandemic, companies have encountered many challenges, accelerating the implementation of digital transformation due to limitations of international corporate networks. These companies can now benefit from ngena's best-in-class ecosystem of leading global service providers and system integrators, located in 200 territories worldwide.

Next to a giant in the Telco World, América Móvil, ngena expands its market entering LATAM with the full support of Cisco and the core strength of this two top corporations in the networking world.

about ngena

ngena is a global company that connects teams and unites the workforce worldwide through a centralized connectivity network experience. With one touch, ngena simplifies and strengthens global cloud computing, business networking, data analytics and data security at workplaces within the enterprise and at home. With the full support and strength of Cisco, ngena uses state-of-the-art cloud and SD-WAN technologies. ngena is the first company to offer pre-built configuration for fast and secure deployment using its Connectivity Platform as-a-Service.

ngena is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany with business operations in the United States, South America, Europe and Asia. For more information visit

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