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TMCNet:  Network Edge Survey Reveals MPLS and SD-WAN Fail to Satisfy Modern Enterprise Needs

[May 09, 2023]

Network Edge Survey Reveals MPLS and SD-WAN Fail to Satisfy Modern Enterprise Needs


The results of the 2023 State of Network Edge Survey, conducted by Eleven Research and sponsored by Graphiant, show that existing network edge technologies, such as MPLS and SD-WAN, are not meeting the needs of today's enterprises. The survey indicates that enterprises are increasingly dissatisfied with these technologies' performance concerning scalability, agility, and cost.

Survey Overview

The survey involved 200 network architects and network admins from large enterprises in North America, including senior, director, VP, and C-level IT managers. The respondents were chosen based on their roles, primarily focusing on designing, provisioning, and managing the network edge.

Key Findings

The survey highlights three critical use cases that existing edge technologies, such as MPLS and SD-WAN, struggle to address effectively:

  1. Enterprise connectivity has shifted in recent years, with a significant increase in remote workers, remote offices, and IoT devices.
  2. Cloud connectivity, as the second use case, strains the capabilities of enterprises.
  3. Trends like digital transformation and the service economy push enterprises to connect more frequently with customers and partners.

Network architects gave both MPLS and SD-WAN poor grades for metrics like scalability, agility, and cost. The survey results reveal a need for a new approach to the network edge to address these modern use cases.

Introducing Network Edge as-a-Service

Graphiant, a provider of next-generation edge services, offers a solution in the form of Network Edge as-a-Service. This new service combines the speed, scalability, security, and privacy of MPLS with the agility that modern as-a-Service models provide.

According to the survey, enterprises are ready for Network-as-a-Service (NaaS). Seven out of eight network architects are likely to consider NaaS going forward, and one in four says they are extremely likely to adopt this approach.


The 2023 State of Network Edge Survey highlights the shortcomings of MPLS and SD-WAN in addressing the evolving needs of modern enterprises. The demand for a new approach to the network edge is evident, and Graphiant's Network Edge as-a-Service could be the solution that satisfies this need. As businesses continue to adapt to new connectivity challenges, embracing innovative technologies like NaaS will be crucial to ensuring success in an ever-changing landscape.

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