SD-WAN Supply Chain Showcased

March 13, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

SD-WAN is seeing some serious time in the sun for a number of reasons. A key cog in the wheels of digital transformation is enabling a new day in networking. The cloud era is here, and partnerships are facilitating the shift.

Today, Hub One announced the selection of Versa Networks to enable the French service provider the ability to offer managed SD-WAN and SD-security to SMB and enterprise alike. And, as Versa Head of Product Marketing, Rob McBride told TMC (News - Alert) in a recent conversation, this announcement illustrates the SD-WAN supply chain, down to “bringing SD-WAN into the hands of an end user.”

Hub One found Versa via Interdata, working its way through partner tiers until it found the best fit, and is now delivering Wi-Fi zones in French airports as a result.

Why is the Versa Cloud IP Platform a good fit? Mcbride noted several reasons, with the most notable being SD-branch security functionality, enhanced service to the end user, level of integration to deploy services and advanced multi-tenancy across all layers. In selecting the Versa platform, Hub One gains the benefit of it being a single unified platform making management user friendly and ease of policy. 

“Networking is undergoing a significant metamorphosis as more organizations transition their infrastructure and data to cloud-based models to boost performance while cutting operational costs,” said Pierre Girbon, network product manager at Hub One. “Versa’s Cloud IP Platform provides our customers a wealth of functionality, as well as scalability, flexibility, and much-needed security features that allows them to stay competitive and realize the tangible benefits of the cloud while also enabling them to grow and expand to accommodate their network’s evolution.”

As SD-WAN adoption continues its ascension, it is important to see these types of announcements highlighting a multi-faceted relationship that can add value. Today’s iteration, SD-WAN services for wireless, but who’s to say what comes next.

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz