Lepton, FatPipes Facilitate Satellite SD-WAN

March 15, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

SD-WAN is key piece of the cloud era, enabling our SaaS (News - Alert)-tastic reality, promising increased visibility, scalability and performance this is no passing fad. Take growing adoption and projections through the roof in coming years as example. With its growing popularity, many service providers adding the burgeoning technology to the portfolio.

This week, Lepton Global Solutions and FatPipe Networks unveiled a partnership enhancing SD-WAN over satellite for VSAT customers. Lepton BOOST is designed with caching, compression, acceleration, VPN IPSEC and global single IP addressing to mitigate the low-bandwidth, high-latency satellite networking environment.   

"Lepton's FatPipe-powered BOOST SD-WAN solution has the potential to transform satellite connections by introducing the enormous benefits of virtualizing and overlaying various satellite network links," said Sanch Datta, CTO, FatPipe Networks. "Lepton BOOST customers can now rely on secure and cost-effective routing of data and applications between headquarters and remote locations without concern for network performance or data breaches."

Deployed via integration within an organization ground infrastructure, Lepton BOOST enables WAN optimization leveraging virtualized routing, congestion control, security, QoS, efficiency in its virtual network.

"Choosing FatPipe Networks to help us bring SD-WAN to our satellite customers allowed us to incorporate unique satellite network infrastructure capabilities required to successfully deliver SD-WAN to our satellite customers that's secure, flexible and cost-effective," stated Rob Weitendorf, managing partner at Lepton Global Solutions.

SD-WAN is still in its infancy as a technology, so there is still some general educating to do. However, the mounting number of deployments around the globe is serving to paint quite a positive picture.

Still on the fence about SD-WAN?  

Edited by Mandi Nowitz