WCS Woos with Versa SD-WAN

April 23, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

Voice providers are seeing the light. SD-WAN is a surefire way to support voice services. The market is seeing a slew of partnerships putting this pairing to work. In our SaaSy reality, SD-WAN delivers digital transformation and then some in the cloud era.

Wholesale Carrier Services (News - Alert) (WCS) announced a partnership with Versa Networks to add managed SD-WAN and SD-Security services to its portfolio of offerings. In selecting the Versa Cloud IP Platform, the networkWCS service portfolio is expanding to meet the needs of the modern enterprise.  

“We have a vision of enabling our enterprise customers to drive business transformation through the cloud, creating new opportunities for their growth, agility and competitiveness,” said Chris Barton (News - Alert), CEO of Wholesale Carrier Services. “This means continuing to innovate and integrate best-of-breed solutions, like Versa Networks SD-WAN and SD-Security, into our worldwide infrastructure and, just as important, ensuring the highest quality customer experience through our global customer service and support.”

SD-WAN comes in various flavors, with Versa’s sticking out from the pack due to its integrated security offering. Many vendors in the space require customers to seek out security solutions, whereas with Versa its SD-Branch technology is integrates with SD-WAN and SD-security making IT’s job easier, while simultaneously elevating network operations.

“As enterprises move to multi-cloud environments, they need software-defined infrastructure focused on application end-user experience to ensure their WAN is agile, secure and aligned with their strategic IT vision,” said Robert McBride, director of marketing at Versa Networks. “Combined with Wholesale Carrier Services’ global voice offering, this is the right solution at the right time for channel partners to support their enterprise customers’ multi-cloud journey.”

The complexity of digital transformation can seem like a hurdle, but with the proper partners in tow, the act of network modernization need not be a herculean task.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle