Chase Corp Corrals SD-WAN

May 04, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

SD-WAN is seeing its day in the sun. A space pegged for explosive growth in the coming years is rich with innovation, adoption and competition. Digital transformation is at hand, and SD-WAN is a key enabler of a new era in networking.

Chase Corporation announced the deployment of CloudGenix, for the creation of a unified application fabric to minimize on remote office hardware requirements, reduce private WAN costs and provide per application controls.

With its legacy MPLS WAN, service was reliable, but it lacked in delivering the application performance, visibility and availability demanded. The first step was integrated broadband internet at remote offices, the Chase was able to put bandwidth and priority on the same page, as per-application control allows the ability to outline business priority, and ensure the appropriate applications receive the required support.

“With CloudGenix, we were able to add broadband Internet and control which applications used which classes of WAN link,” said Mike Tran, Network Engineer at Chase Corp.

Network operations are complex, and with a lot of SD-WAN vendors it’s easy to get overwhelmed by thumbing through a configuration  guide. Simplicity set CloudGenix apart from the pack.

“AppFabric made configuration and management easy.  I select an application, choose the allowed WAN paths, and specify the business priority,” said Tran.

Our Saasy business landscape demands more from the WAN. And, as software continues to feast on operations, and bandwidth, performance and visibility remaining issues, SD-WAN will enjoy its seat in the sun for some time.

What’s in your WAN?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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