Ericsson UDN, Mode Move Needle

July 05, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

The cloud era is driving change. Innovation is leading the way through this phase of digital transformation. Software-defined solutions are setting the stage for the future of networking, and while SD-WAN is stealing the spotlight, there is a wholesale makeover of operations underway.

Ericsson (News - Alert) UDN announced the addition of Mode to its partner ecosystem. The pairing is going to the edge to provide Fortune 500 firms with an entirely new category of global enterprise network, and like SD-WAN offering a new day in networking.

Managing multiple networks on a global scale is no small task. And while the reliability and security of MPLS is certainly comforting, it is quite rigid. Service providers and enterprises can leverage this private core network to avoid scaling issues as well the costly and unbending nature of antiquated edge solutions.

Marcus Bergström, VP and GM Ericsson UDN, noted “We’re proud to have discovered and on-boarded Mode to help add value immediately to our existing customer base. Mode saw immediate value and scale of running its breakthrough routing technology on our modern edge compute platform that is built in partnership with service providers globally.”

In specific, Ericsson UDN (Unified Delivery Network) is now melded with Mode HALO to reinvigorate the private core network. Mode’s routing algorithms play a central role in the cloud service solution. The self-service solution enables migration into the modern age of performance, while introducing flexibility and a reduction in cost.

Paul Dawes, Mode CEO, explained “Mode HALO is a routing breakthrough that redefines the limits of network performance. We were never going to compromise with the network underneath us. Ericsson UDN is a remarkable performance-first edge compute network that offers ultra-low latency performance, global ingress and egress, and high availability. Mode’s technology can really push a network, and the Unified Delivery Network always performs well.”

The network is at the center of operations for every business. Whether it’s a retail operation in SoHo or some Silicone Valley startup, productivity and profits are pushed by the network. Mounting network demands are driving the movement to software-defined, agile, flexible solutions. SD-WAN or sibling, is your network ready?

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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