Talari Acquisition Adds SD-WAN to Oracle Cloud Arsenal

November 16, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

When Talari Networks (News - Alert) chose to accept the invitation to participate in the upcoming SD-WAN Expo, little did I know it would soon be part of one of the biggest deals in the SD-WAN space.  According to which report you read, Talari Networks’s market share falls in the upper echelon of the market, and now it seems the pure-play SD-WAN vendor is the apple of Larry Ellison’s eye.

Thursday, Oracle (News - Alert) revelead an agreement to purchase Talari Networks for an undisclosed amount. Once finalized, the acquisition will instantly enhance Oracle’s cloud infrastructure capabilities. Talari’s “stock” has been on the rise, as the 2007 startup boasts an award-winning product and a growing customer revenue base to bring to the table.

 IDC (News - Alert) projects revenue from SD-WAN infrastructure and services space to realize $8 billion by 2021, driven by an uptick in enterprise adoption in the coming years.  “Oracle and Talari will accelerate digital transformation and cloud adoption by providing companies with complete enterprise network solutions that ensure reliability and performance of real-time communications and mission-critical applications over any network,” Oracle explained in a company statement.

In adding SD-WAN to its quiver of solutions, consolidation continues. Oracle is committed to creating a comprehensive cloud portfolio for the enterprise. In strategically compiling a set of offerings capable of providing organizations the option of a one-stop-shop servicing all cloud needs – from marketing and sales, to networking and operations – Oracle is a putting pressure on an already competitive market.

AVANT CO-Founder and President Drew Lydecker told TMC (News - Alert), “The behemoths like Oracle are gobbling up the nimble innovators and disruptors like Talari as a way of leapfrogging into this new technology space. SD-WAN is really about improving the application experience and enhancing the WAN security posture, and will be a phenomenal compliment to Oracle’s portfolio.”

It’s tough to say what’s next in the saga that is “cloud wars,” but know that with each transaction of this type table stakes rise. There’s a lot of money to be made in the cloud. It is those organizations innovating and acquiring technology to forward digital transformation and usher the enterprise into a new era that will reap the reward.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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