Netskope 'Evolves' Partner Program

March 15, 2022

By Maurice Nagle, Senior Editor

As the enterprise wraps its head around what lay ahead, the cloud is displaying sky’s the limit. With SD-WAN offering an early cloud onramp, SASE and sibling SSE are grabbing the baton, and taking organizations over the digital transformation finish line.

Netskope announced the Netskope Evolve Partner Program, offering new benefits, opportunities and incentives enabling partners to take advantage of global digital transformation trends.

"Our partners are, and will continue to be, a vital extension of our team; we succeed when they succeed," said Kristin Carnes, Vice President, Global Channel Programs, Strategy at Netskope. "We're empowering our partner community with greater incentives, significant discounts and white-glove services, while completely transforming the way enterprise security has traditionally been done."

Specifically speaking, the program offers three levels; with Authorized as a starting point, followed by Gold and Platinum, which offer partners greater discounts and additional advantages. This global discounting structure is new to Netskope, and aims to incentivize partners.

Additionally, with expanded technical certification paths, like Certified Cloud Security Administrator or Certified Cloud Security Integrator, for example, empower an ecosystem of expertise. Netskope is also giving partners a path to specialization, appreciating partner technical ability, services scale and customer focus.

"Security has become more dynamic than ever, stretching to accommodate cloud-based traffic and thousands of applications across a distributed workforce, and creating increased demand for solution providers that can strategically advise on the right steps toward SASE," said Dave Rogers, Vice President of Global Alliances, Channel Sales at Netskope.

How SASE is your network?

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Edited by Luke Bellos