BCM Brings SD-WAN Vendor into Fold

April 27, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

Software defined networking is no longer just an idea; it continues an ascent to prominence and the mainstream. Growing adoption rates of SD-WAN and its sibling networking solutions are driving service providers to partnerships to ensure portfolios are up to supporting the digital era.

BCM One and Talari announced a new partnership to put the power of Talari SD-WAN in the BCM SD-WAN ecosystem. Talari joins four others as BCM’s premier SD-WAN partners, to aid in building out a robust networking portfolio.

“Our engineering team has a thorough process to vet and run providers through interoperability testing,” stated John Cunningham (News - Alert), Founder & Co-CEO of BCM One.   “The professionals at Talari were a pleasure to work with and their technology is rock solid.”

After the year and half vetting process, Talari stood out for several reasons. BCM highlighted network resiliency, application reliability, secure connectivity, increased network visibility, intelligent multi-path definition, in addition to user-friendly deployment and management.

“As of the originators of SDWAN technology that uniquely provides ‘failsafe’ edge networks, Talari is delighted to kick off a partnership with BCM One to grow our managed services and recurring revenue offerings to mutual customers,” stated George Just, Vice President, Worldwide Channels, Talari.  “Our joint offering is ideal for businesses looking to benefit from MPLS-enterprise class uptime at substantially lower WAN costs, incorporating cloud and commodity Internet bandwidth to optimize business-critical real-time apps.”

Talari touts having some of the best tech, but at this point, the leadership pack in the SD-WAN space is rather close. It’s going to take some more time to really separate the men from the boys, if you will. From the BCM side, it is investing heavily in SD-WAN, letting a future-forward technology drive long-term success.

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